Our Gingi wig is a custom ginger brown. Once washed, it reverts back to its natural state texture. It is recommended to deep condition this hair once every 2 weeks, let air dry and keep the use of heavy products and heating tools to a minimum. This unit is Made to Order 
  • Machine Sewn wig
  • Double machine weft
  • Hair Texture:  Cambodian 
  • Hair Color: Ginger Brown 
  • Hair Lengths: 22”
  •  Lace closure: 5”x 5”
  • Lace color: HD Lace
  • Flexible Lace Cap 


*All customized units will come styled, with knots bleached and etc.

*All non customized units will not come styled with knots bleached etc. 

Wig Cap Size: SMALL (21")

SMALL (21")
MEDIUM (22")
LARGE (23")

Customization: Customized